As at 5 pm 21/9/2020 my books are closed - that is I am not taking new referrals (with some exceptions noted below).   If you want Compassion-Focussed Therapy, please call me after reading the conditions in 'Conditions of Counselling' and request that your GP calls me to affirm you are willing to do this and that you are not currently being prescribed Benzodiazepines. I will then consider your request as things change.  The other exception is anyone who is a regular attendee of the support meditation groups I run either locally or internationally for the CFMSC.

However, even with my books closed, my waiting list is currently sitting at 6 months and as such I would encourage you to look elsewhere rather than wait.  

Everyone can still apply for group therapy and group training that is currently on offer.  In the meantime, you may like to try some of the meditations available in the shop 'Things to Buy'.

News and Notes from John

2021 and my intentions

In 2021 my intentions will be to focus more on the following: Teaching: Compasion, MBSR/MBCT plus, Mindfulness, Non-violent Communication and considering more issues around nature and how to live ethically and compassionately with nature.

For professionals: Marie and I will continue teaching the short course on Self-compassion for health professionals and we will further develop our Compassion-focussed Therapy (CFT) teaching programs.

Counselling: My focus will largely be on:

1 Compassion-focussed Therapy (CFT) (all places full);

2 Mindfulness, compassion and pain (all places filled): and

3 I will continue to have a focus on workplace stress with the EAP program I work with.




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