2021 Retreat

MSC & Nature Oriented Retreat

18 April - 25 April, 2021,Wilson's Promontory,

Victoria, Australia

Next year in April I and Marie Bloomfield are running  another retreat at one of the leading National Parks in the world, Wilson’s Promontory.  This will be from Sunday 18 to Sunday 25, 2021.  The retreat will cover all aspects of the full 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion program (as a five-day intensive) with a nature mindfulness program.  This workshop meets one of the requirements to attend the teacher training "Mindful Self-Compassion" for adults and "Making Friends with Yourself" for teenagers and young adults

Mindful Self-Compassion is a skilfully designed program that assists people to live with greater ease and being able to work with the broad range of feelings and emotions.  The retreat consists of didactic and experiential work with significant reflection in mindfulness, self-compassion and related issues.  People report improvements in both professional skills and personal lives.

The retreat will be run by two senior certified teachers in Australia, John Julian and Marie Bloomfield.

The retreat is held in one of the 12-bed group lodges with bunkroom style accommodation and is fully catered.  Five days (or less) are also able spent in silence for those individuals requiring it for their professional development, or as mindfulness or compassion teachers.  The cost covers all accommodation, food and tutelage.  Bookings can be made via:


All individuals will also need to fill in a personal details form and have a brief discussion with John before their place is confirmed. 

Lodge and additional places

Eleven places are available in the Lodge and four participants who wish to organize their own accommodation and food will also be allowed to attend – if you want one of these positions please apply to John for a specific link for payment.

Tidal River, Wilson's Prom

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