Restart: A Mindfulness and Wise Kindness

Program for Men - 8 Week Program

Starting 25 October 2017 in Belgrave Victoria Australia

Re-Start: A Mindful Self-Compassion Course for Men is an 8-week course that combines knowledge from wisdom traditions, modern neuroscience and psychological research. Using meditation and practical exercises the course teaches the skills of:

  • Mindfulnessmoving from being “stuck in your head” to being present and focused.
  • Common Humanity: Moving from loneliness to connection
  • Kindness: Moving from criticism of self and others to encouragement and acceptance

After the course, participants often find they are less harsh and can begin to change troubling and unhealthy habits and behaviours more easily. They are perceived more positively by their partners and feel more motivated, focused with the courage to live in accordance with their own heart-felt values.

This program is led by Michael Pringle, Kung Fu teacher, and Jad Patrick, Counsellor and Naturopath, who use their experiences, mindfulness and wise kindness (Yasashisa) skills to offer men a way to restart their lives into a saner and kinder place.  Supervised by John Julian, the program is powered by the evidence-based Mindful Self-Compassion program developed by A/Professors C Germer and K Neff.

Participants say: “I had to learn to care for myself before I could care for my family without getting frustrated.” "It was like re-starting." "I restarted with my wife." "I now aim at more than just staying married."

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