Conditions to be accepted

into therapy

For individual therapy, there are several conditions and "understandings".  

For group therapy, after an initial assessment, everyone is welcome if the group is appropiate to their needs.


Becoming well and maintaining wellness requires the development of new habits.   It is not just a matter of removing a 'pathology'.  While a number of people occassionally gain instantaneous insights and change through cognitive therapy, usually change takes practice, practice and practice.  Change comes from talking and/or reading with reflection and testing ideas, beliefs or patterns of response and practicing the required new skills.   

Secondly, neither therapy nor mindfulness is about feeling 'good', or leaving every session feeling 'relaxed' or 'good'.  The first psychology of compassion involves engaging with distress.  This can be difficult.  It involves noticing, tolerating, turning towards and engaging with distress.  If we use other methods, such as turning away (for example by being busy all the time ) or blocking our pain and suffering, or using food, sex or drugs to block or deny it, emotional pain will just get stronger.  Occassionally some exercises in sessions may lead to temporary increased distress as part of a therapeutic process, transference, or a simple misunderstanding, etc, and if this occurs the expectation is that you check in and talk about it  with me. 

The intention I always hold is one motivated by compassion.


For individual therapy, you need to agree to do homework!  This involves compassion, mindfulness or relaxation practices, or a CBT/mindfulness/compassion experiment or skill.  Reflection is always required.   Secondly, some form of exercise is usually required: stretching, walking, Chigung, etc..    

Under no circumstances will people continue to be accepted for counseling or group work if they are violent in any way.  This includes verbally abusive (incl. name calling, swearing, etc) or drug-affected  (incl. alcohol) behaviour in individual or group therapy.

Unless compassionate grounds are agreed to, all appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are required to be paid in full, and 50% of the appoinment fee if less than 48 hours notice is given.  I usually have a lenient attitude for two sessions as life happens.  After that is is your responsibility to pay - remember, you are an adult and need to take repsonsibility for your life.

If I have not heard from you or your doctor for two week period after a review, I assume you no longer require your appointment times and they are offered to a person waiting.

All current clients who have seen me in the last two months take precedence.


As at 5 pm 21/9/2020 my books are closed.  There are only a few exceptions.  If you want Compassion-Focussed Therapy, please call me after reading the conditions  in 'Conditions of Counselling' and request that your GP calls me to affirm you are willing to do this and that you are not prescribed Benzodiazepines. I will then consider your request as things change.  The other exception is anyone who is a regular attendee of the support meditation groups I run either locally or internationally for the CFMSC.

Everyone can still apply for group therapy that is currently on offer.

In the meantime, you may like to try some of the meditations available in the shop.


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