Free meditations

I am also offering free meditations internationally at 11 am over summer usually three times a week (usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday).  You book into these by choosing the 4 pm timeslot (it is Western American time zone and equates to 11am here) in this booking form with the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion:

I also have two private meditation practice groups that cost a donation that you may email me about.


Michael Pringle and I now discuss mindfulness and compassion weekly on Thursday’s at around am (AEST) or Monday at 2 pm (PDT).   This goes live onto the Facebook page at:

It is then posted sometime afterwards to my personal page at:

Some time ago I also had a nice chat with Alex Gokce and Dr Kate King who run a podcast called Noble Mind.  I understand this chat will be posted on Saturday (AEST) and Friday (PDT) of this week.  Check out their interesting Podcasts at:


Counselling and Therapy

        Offering evidence-based, trauma-informed, counselling,                 Compassion-Focused Therapy and clinical mental            health services.   

John is a leading counsellor in Australia and a senior teacher in  Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC),  Mindfulness training, and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction / Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy.                  

      Available online, telehealth and in-person private appointments.            

Medicare and Worksafe registered.

Private appointments welcomed.

In 2021 John's training programs will be focussing  on mindfulness (MBSR and MBCT), compassion, nature and non-violent communication.

Do you want to:


toward yourself, a foundation for facing life’s many challenges?


in your life, even if you are currently struggling with anxiety, depression or frustration?


when in distress or emotional turmoil?


with partners, friends, family, and others – by giving yourself what you need?  


of self-criticism, emotional trauma, self-doubt and shame?  


for your children, parents, and clients of those in the mental, social and medical professions?

      The mindfulness and compassion programs offered by     John may help.

Do you know what you are?

You are a manuscript of a divine letter.

You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.

This universe is not outside of you.

Look inside yourself;

Everything that you want,

You are already that.

Rumi - 1273. 

Learn to take away the mists that stop you clearly seeing this.

John (Founder & Director) also provides in-person and online professional consultation, training, clinical & reflective supervision and guest speaking for a variety of professionals and organisations in Australia.

The Australian Government has announced bulk-billed Telehealth sessions for all Australians (until 30March). Each person can have a total of 20 session this year and next if they are in an area affected by COVID lockdowns.  Access to Medicare registered counsellors such as myself (at no cost) via telephone or video, from anywhere in Australia is now available.  As with face-to-face sessions, you will need a GP referral – which also can be obtained via Telehealth. 

John Julian offers a broad range of counselling and therapy methods to assist people to regain their emotional health and /or to live a more mindful, kind and compassionate life. He is an experienced telehealth and VC counsellor

You can  contact John on 

or on his mobile 0439 901 795